Story-- Home of the first residential computerized Christmas lights & water show in Downey, CA since 2007. The lights and waters are synchronized to songs which are broadcast to passing vehicles over a low-power FM transmitter (107.9 FM to listen to the lights).

For many years, I've put up Christmas lights on my parent's house while they lived in Downey (got into it by seeing my mother doing it each year when I was younger). In 2007, I decided to do something out of the ordinary than just your typical steady lights. So after seeing a video forwarded to me from my sister about a synchronized light display in Ohio. I knew I had to do something similar, but with my own twist at my house.

I'm happy to light up the night sky December after December for my family, friends and neighbors.  I wish all of you a

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


 2009 City of Downey


Christmas Magic winner


2007 & 2008 City of Downey


Area 2


Thanks for visiting!

Johnny Sibaja


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